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Christmass Blackbord  by Brightstone
Christmass Blackbord

Another assignment from Holiday Open Studio at Digital Art Academy The assignment was to create a card in the style of an old-fashioned blackboard. I must admit that I got rather teary-eyed on this assignment. After graduation I married my high school English teacher. We moved to Hawaii and I went to college on the North Shore living in a tiny apartment. We spent a lot of time in her classroom, I working on college work and my wife grading papers. She had a blackboard or should I say green board at the back of her classroom where she would write a calendar of upcoming assignments and events at her school. Sometimes when I would get bored with my schoolwork I would pull out her cheap colored chalk supplied by the school and embellished her calendar. I would add my own pastels from my art kit to jazz it up a bit. I tried to create one of the borders I made some 40 years ago in her classroom. My wife passed away 16 years ago and today working on this piece I was flooded with memories. Just as I was finishing up, my partner David came and told me to look out the window and sure enough we had our first snowfall tonight with 2 inches of powder. He blamed me for the early snowstorm because I was working on a Christmas card. I had a lot of fun creating the frame for the blackboard and was able to get all of the effects with in Painter 2015 rather than having to resort to techniques in Photoshop. It ended up being about 26 layers with all of the highlights and shadows, plaster wall etc. I was able to find a chalkboard font that is similar to my wife's handwriting, although it's not as good as hers. She learned penmanship in a one-room schoolhouse in western Wyoming. She had that beautiful antique script that you so seldom see nowadays. Whenever she wrote on her blackboards I was amazed at her penmanship.

Bible Quote  by Brightstone
Bible Quote
Taking a new class at Digital Art Academy. The first week we are working on calligraphy. This is one of the results.
Dark Moon  by Brightstone
Dark Moon
Taking a new class at Digital Art Academy. The first week we are working on calligraphy. This is one of the results. The original text is from a book of pagan prayers by Ceisiwr Serith. The coming night of Yule on December 21, is the longest night of the year. It is a belief in some new age philosophy that darkness is a time for intellectual growth reflecting the fact that plants gather energy during the day and then during the dark of night direct that energy into the growth of the plant. Anybody that grows morning glories can attest to the fact that they seem to grow a foot each night. I think it's a beautiful metaphor for the age old belief that by sleeping on an idea, often times completes it and clarifies it. I know when I'm struggling with some aesthetic concept in a painting, if I just go to bed and attempted it the next day, it usually has worked itself out.
Summer Clouds by Brightstone
Summer Clouds

Wyoming Skies, working on quick sketches for painter club(DAA). July is certainly the perfect time to learn how to paint clouds. Painting from scratch and memory of the high Wyoming plains near Laramie. I can see that painting clouds is a technique that is going to take a great deal of time for me to work on in order to get the look that I would like. Been working on my companion tablet. When I opened the image on my larger screen I was surprised of how different it looks blown up. Loving working on clouds, and will continue to different types during the dog days of summer. 



Cary Cox Moab Ut
United States
I am working on creating my own Book of Shadows, adapting rituals from numerous sources and creating original layouts and designs. I'm using a great deal of influence from Celtic culture, as well as shaman culture of the Southwest.

I am an amateur photo illustrator using Photoshop and Painter 12, and working in numerous drawing mediums, watercolor and photography. I am developing a large rock garden using native plants from my area, as well as manage the garden around my bed and breakfast. I'm an enthusiastic cook which is good because I usually have around 16 people for breakfast each morning.

Raised as a Mormon, converted to the Catholic Church in my 20s, became a member of Metropolitan community Church for the last 30 years. I am becoming deeply concerned over the effects of organized Christian and Muslim beliefs on the world as a whole. I judge a spiritual belief system by who it includes rather by who it excludes. I am interested in moving towards a more naturalistic set of beliefs based in the natural world and moving away from materialism. I see myself as a Humanistic Pagan.

Humanistic Paganism is a naturalistic way of life rooted in nature, myth, and wonder. It accepts modern science as the best way to access knowledge about our world, and myth as a particularly useful means of enriching and deepening experience.

Like everyone I am looking for peace of mind and a way to live in harmony with the world around me. As I reflect on my life and move into a more thoughtful and spiritual point, I find myself more at home in the desert than I do in the city.

There is a certain majesty and reverence in the wide open spaces of the Southeastern Canyonlands of Utah. During winter I wander through desert panorama of rock and sky and during the heat of summer, trek through the high alpine meadows of the Western Rockies.

My maternal Grandmother practice a naturalistic lifestyle and helped me to understand and see the natural world at a very early age. She was also a mentor for me, on how to live a simple non-materialistic lifestyle

My partner David and I run a bed and breakfast, The Mayor's House B/B, in southern Utah, close to Canyonlands and Arches National Park. We are involved in many outdoor activities conducive to living in the desert Southwest. We are avid rock collectors and enjoy working with semi precious gemstones. We spend a great deal of time exploring the many canyons and mountains surrounding the Colorado Plateau.

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